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Samantha Lee capitalising on tragedy again

Samantha Lee capitalising on tragedy again

Gun Control Australia’s Samantha Lee stooped to new lows this week by using the tragic deaths of two teenagers in Sydney to push her meaningless anti-shooter agenda.

In a grasping attempt at making her donation-funded organisation somehow relevant, she blurted anti-gun rhetoric to bring the focus onto her.

Before the truth behind the tragedy had been revealed, she tried to hijack the story by immediately issuing statements in a blanket media campaign calling for even more bans and restrictive legislation.

“GCA must be really struggling financially if they have to continue to exploit these tragedies to get donation money,” SSAA Victoria CEO Jack Wegman said today.

“Again it’s the same old calls to impose even more restrictions on those who obey the already oppressive gun laws in Australia.

“It’s sickening that she uses these tragedies to further her own cause and it’s disappointing that the media continues to air her extremist views.”

The latest in her ongoing campaign to squeeze every last cent of donation money from the domestic violence tragedy was to mobilise corporate protest organisation GetUp!

Together they created a petition calling for estranged spouses of firearm permit applicants to be used as referees.

“This is a ridiculous thought bubble and a clear attempt by Lee to somehow make herself relevant in shaping firearms legislation. She’s a menace,” Mr Wegman said.

“This tactic was tried in the 90s and was abandoned as unworkable back then.

“As we saw in the Adler lever action shotgun debacle, she has dangerously limited knowledge of firearms and continues to ignore the extremely onerous gun ownership processes already in place.

“The sad thing is that otherwise intelligent but misguided people are buying into her twisted exaggerations to help fund her morally reprehensible campaigns.”