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Springvale, Eagle Park, Regional Ranges Announcement

Springvale, Eagle Park, Regional Ranges Announcement

Update 9 November

The Victorian Government has released the updated restrictions for both Melbourne and regional Victoria.

It is pleasing to see that the border between the two regions has been removed and members can now freely move around the state without limitation. As such, both metro and regional ranges will now be operating under the same COVID-19 restrictions.

That said, there have not been any major changes from the previous directions. Groups of 10 separated by a “reasonable distance” remains.

However, clubhouses can be used applying the following:

Maximum number of people in a clubhouse must be the lesser of:

  • 10 people or;
  • One person per 4 square metres within the total accessible space (ie. clubhouse must be at least 40 square metres in area to hold the maximum 10 people. 20 square metres allows for 5 people inside).

In summary, the following restrictions apply to all ranges:

  • Maximum group size of 10 people on a range or within a clubhouse. RO on the range is not included.
  • Each group must be separated by a “reasonable distance” or on separate ranges. (Reasonable distance has not been defined in the Directions. It is therefore recommended that each group is separated by at least 3m – twice social distance, just to be safe).
  • Groups must not mix.
  • Record keeping of all attendance including name, contact number and time arrived at the range is required.
  • Social distancing within groups of 1.5m to be maintained at all times.
  • Face mask must be worn at all times. They can be remove while actually shooting if wearing a mask poses a safety risk (ie. fogging of glasses).
  • Direct supervision of unlicensed shooters is permitted for family members only.
  • Spectators attending a range will need to be included in the group numbers.

Eagle Park:

Eagle Park will return to opening on Mondays and Fridays as of 13 November following the above restrictions.


There will be no change to the operations of Springvale. It will continue to be open to members only due to the limited numbers that the range can host. Main range bookings are essential. Call: 03 9547 0007 to book a spot. Details on the session times can be found on the website


27 October

The Victorian Government has released details of the new restrictions for both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. We are pleased to see that there have been some positive changes that will help ranges to start to return to a form of normal operations.

Springvale Range

Springvale range will reopen its public and sub-club ranges on Friday, 30 October to SSAA Victoria members only. The normal operating hours will apply.

Due to current restrictions, there will be limitations on the number of people that can attend the range at any one time. To manage this, sub-clubs will be arranging session times for their members to book. Please contact your club directly for information about their arrangements. For the public range, this will also require members to book into predetermined sessions.

At this stage, the public range will only be open to SSAA Victoria members only. You must call the range during opening hours to pre-book a place. Payment is required when you book. Members can only book 1 position a day and up to a week in advance. Importantly, only members that live within 25 kilometres of the range can attend.

Call: 03 9547 0007 to book a spot. Details on the session times can be found on the website

Eagle Park:

Eagle Park is still restricted to patrons from regional Victoria until the Victorian Government removes the border between metro and regional areas.

Patrons are no longer required to book for the main range. However, due to low attendance numbers the range will still only be open on Saturday and Sunday until travel restrictions are lifted.

Regional Ranges:

All regional ranges are still restricted to a maximum group size of 10 people but the 100m separation ruling has been removed. The new directions allow for multiple groups of 10 that are “reasonably distanced” apart. Please contact your regional range to confirm operating hours.