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SSAA Victoria’s $1.14m surplus

SSAA Victoria’s $1.14m surplus

SSAA Victoria reported a net operating surplus of $1.14m for the year ending April 2017 – the best financial results the company has ever experienced. The surplus was a 20.5 per cent increase on the previous financial year, and a 73.8 per cent increase since 2010/11.

The Annual Report 2017 was published online on Friday and the document highlights many of SSAA Victoria’s recent achievements. Those achievements include a 3.28 per cent increase in the membership base; a commitment to invest $685,000 in capital improvements at the ranges and a new senior staff member dedicated to hunting development.

SSAA Victoria’s net assets now value $6.9m, up 20 per cent from $5.7m in the previous financial year. The company financials also showcase a 15 per cent increase in revenue since the previous financial year. SSAA Victoria brought in $5.56m in revenue in the year ending April 2017.

President Denis Moroney said he was delighted with the results. “I am proud to lead the Board that, through financial discipline, has boosted this organisation to the best position it has ever been in,” he said. “It means we are able to better support our branches and sub-clubs, introduce new program and training, and investigate expanding our facility base.”

Due to its strong financial position, SSAA Victoria was able to donate more than $33,500 to its branches and sub-clubs for various projects and events in 2016/17.

Read the full Annual Report.