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SSAA Victoria’s Lachie Adolph new world champion

SSAA Victoria’s Lachie Adolph new world champion

SSAA Mildura’s Lachie Adolph won the Fifty Calibre Shooters Association’s Junior world title at the NRA Whittington Centre in New Mexico, USA.

The 13-year-old Long Range Shooting Club Mildura member said he was at the event earlier this month for the experience, but ended up bringing home some nice prizes along with his world title.

“It feels great, being able to achieve that,” Lachie said.

“I’m pretty speechless, that’s for sure.

“I had high expectations of myself but I thought I was going over there for the experience – I didn’t expect to win I just expected to learn from it.”

After shooting his first three groups of five shots over 1000 yards on day one, Lachie was just a point off the lead.

But he did better the following day, dropping just four points for a total of 13 to take the lead in the Junior competition with an average group size of 10.75 inches which helped him to achieve 287/300 points.

“I kept my composure really well on the second day, dealt with being a bit nervous, and came out good,” he said.

“I knew I’d be around the top two or three, I thought maybe I’d be coming first but you don’t know, it was that close … I knew I’d shot really good on the second day and was only one point behind after day one.”

He also gave the seniors a shake to finish eighth overall, and his score included one grouping that was fourth best of all shooters at the titles.

Among his prizes was a McMillan .50 cal target rifle, but Lachie said meeting the leaders in the sport was the best reward.

“There was a lot of people there who have won top events and done many things. Just being around those people and learning from them was great,” he said.