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The nuts and bolts of it

The nuts and bolts of it

SSAA Victoria has issued advice to members unsure how to fasten their firearm safes. The advice comes after Victoria Police raised concerns over the type of bolts used to secure safes at a recent Firearm User Group meeting.

During a recent storage inspection, a police officer noted that the firearm owner had bolted their safe down with tech screws. Tech screws, usually used for roofing, were deemed inadequate by the officer.

The Victorian Firearms Act 1996 stipulates “if the receptacle weighs less than 150kg when empty, it must be fixed to the frame of the floor or the wall of the premises where the firearm is kept in such a manner that it is not easily removable”.

There is no guidance on how the storage must be fixed to the floor or wall. Therefore, SSAA Victoria suggests members use coach screws to secure firearm safes to their walls or floors. They have a hexagonal head and should be a minimum of 9mm in diameter. Four coach screws would be stronger than tech screws.

Many garages and newer homes are built on concrete slabs. Dynabolts with a minimum diameter of 10mm are the best for using on concrete. They can be screwed in using a hammer drill with a masonry bit, which can be picked up at most hardware stores.

For extra strength, members can bolt their safes into the wall and floor, but it is not a requirement under the Act.

Should a member be unable to bolt their safe down themselves, a handyman should be able to do this for a small fee.