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Trigger time for young veterans at Eagle Park

Trigger time for young veterans at Eagle Park

Young Veterans is an organisation started by service veterans who recognised a need to provide support, services and opportunities for fellowship for recent service veterans as they re-engage with civilian society. Cognisant of the issues that plagued veterans of the Vietnam War, the leaders of Young Veterans set about building a community for service veterans to come together, share common bonds and build on the skill sets to enable them to succeed in life after service.

Young Veterans run a wide range of social events during the year. “Skill at Arms” competitions are a mainstay of military units worldwide, so it made sense that Young Veterans would look to take those fundamental skills and apply them in a civilian context. When approached by Young Veterans about hosting an event, SSAA Victoria embraced the chance to assist, making the Association’s Eagle Park complex available, with the Association donating exclusive range time, ammunition and catering from Bruno’s Cafe.

Young Veterans members enjoyed a morning shooting single action, military pistols and military rifles. As is usually the case, SSAA Victoria’s sub-clubs gave generously of their time, skills and equipment, with members of Little River Raiders, the Third Military District Pistol Club (3MD) and the Military Rifle Club showing up with volunteers and firearms to support the event.

The participants all enjoyed the event, with many expressing an interest in getting more involved in recreational shooting sports. A Young Veterans spokesperson said, “thanks to SSAA Victoria for hosting our Victorian Skill at Arms day. They kindly sponsored the event with guns, ammo, range officers and then put on an awesome spread of food for all the veterans and their family members to enjoy.”

SSAA Victoria President Dave Schereck, himself an infantry veteran of the Vietnam war, volunteered on the day with the 3MD. “Clubs like 3MD were formed specifically to give veterans an outlet to continue using their military firearm skills after moving back into civilian life,” Dave said. “SSAA Victoria has long been a safe and inclusive home for veterans. By supporting organisations like Young Veterans, the Association can help Australia’s newer generations of ex-service personnel find a great community and a unique outlet for their skills by participating in recreational shooting”.