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We Need Your Help – Support for Duck Hunting

We Need Your Help – Support for Duck Hunting

Important message from SSAA Victoria to all members, hunters and firearms users. Please show your support and get behind the cause.


The antis are out in force again trying to stop the 2021 duck season. They are organised and are running a concerted letter writing campaign to all state members of parliament and news outlets.

SSAA Victoria, along with the other major hunting organisations, are fighting against them and advocating on behalf of hunters.

However, we need your help.

It is now vitally important that hunters and those who support the sustainable use of natural resources also contact politicians and show that there is enormous support for duck hunting in the community.

You may be a hunter that does not hunt ducks. You may be a shooter that does not hunt at all. Don’t think that this doesn’t affect you. All hunting is under threat by these ideologically-driven organisations and individuals. If they manage to have duck hunting banned, they will keep going and attack the next hunting or firearms-related activity.

We must all stand together and vocally defend our cultural traditions and our way of life.

Every shooter and hunter in Victoria who values the continuation of their traditions must, at the very least, write to their local politician. An email is easy to write, and even easier to send to every politician in the state. Please put aside a bit of your time to do so.

  • Include your name and address – so that they can respond to you (they will generally pay more attention if they know you live in their electorate).
  • Keep it brief – tell them why you are writing at the start of the letter (e.g., I am writing to you because…). Keep your letter short, a few paragraphs is good, one page is better.
  • Personalise the letter – use your own words, tell your story about what duck hunting means to you.

First point of call should be these ministers:

Lily D’Ambrosio – Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change

Mary-Anne Thomas – Minister for Regional Development. Minister for Agriculture


Then your local representatives, local papers, all other politicians, and media outlets.


To find the contact details for your local MP


and enter your postcode


The major points listed below will give you a good start on things to include in your communication. Be polite and respectful in your language and describe what is important to you and why.


Key points:         

  • Cultural / family tradition.
  • Sourcing your own organic, free-range meat.
  • Respect for the animals and the environment.
  • Acting legally, responsibly and ethically.
  • Contributing to the economy of rural communities.
  • Opposition based on prejudice, stereotypes and a very small number of people who do the wrong thing.
  • A fair go for responsible people is all hunters expect.
  • The Andrews Labor Government is supportive of hunting.
  • Hunters create an economic benefit by purchasing hunting equipment and spending money while hunting in regional Victoria.
  • There are many benefits to duck hunting in parallel with its recorded economic investment, such as added social, health and wellbeing benefits.
  • Duck hunting is a huge part of our lives. It is a way of life. It is not unusual for two or three generations of the same family to hunt together.
  • Duck hunting encompasses a love of the outdoors, a respect for the natural environment and a respect for the birds that are harvested.
  • Hunting and shooting provides opportunities for physical activity, as well as pathways for greater wellbeing through connection with nature, self-confidence, social networking and good nutrition.
  • Duck hunting contributed $111.7 million to the Victorian economy in 2013. That result was with a full season and bag limit. In comparison, 2019 saw duck hunters inject $63.6 million into the Victorian economy. The major difference was that 2019 was a significantly modified season (the season ran for just 65 days with an opening weekend bag limit of four birds per day, then five birds per day for the rest of the season. No Blue-winged Shoveler were allowed to be taken).


If you are still struggling to come up with something to write, there is a form letter downloadable HERE which can be used. This form letter should only be used as a last resort, as it is much better to send a personalised letter.


We also recommend that you sign the Legislative Council E-Petition, asking the Legislative Council to call on the Government to announce a full 2021 duck hunting season (with a full bag limit) as soon as possible. The petition is located HERE.


If you are interested in duck hunting, consider joining the SSAA Victoria Duck Hunters Club. Inquiries can be directed to