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SSAA Victoria runs an accreditation course for members selected to take part in the Conservation and Pest Management Program. The CPM program operates under a Memorandum and Understanding with Parks Victoria to assist with the management of pest animals on State-owned land.

The accreditation course, re-written in 2018 and approved by Parks Victoria, is designed to train and assess members’ knowledge of shooting and pest control, and their practical skills.

As there is huge interest in the program and there are a limited number of positions available for CPM-accredited volunteers, accreditation courses are run on an as-needs basis.

To apply to join the CPM team, complete the application form. If a position becomes available and your application is successful, you will be contacted.

  • How to become a CPM volunteer
  • Re-accreditation

How to become a CPM volunteer

Training course are conducted in both metropolitan and regional areas of Victoria. Each prospective CPM volunteer must complete an application form that is to be sent to the SSAA Victoria State Office.

This application form will ask a number of questions of the applicant to assess whether they qualify to become a CPM Volunteer. The application form includes:

  • Are you a SSAA member?
  • Do you have hunting experience?
  • Why do you want to become a CPM Volunteer?
  • Endorsement from branch or sub-club

These questions will allow SSAA Victoria to ascertain what hunting experience an individual has had with firearms. The branch or sub-club endorsement is a mandatory requirement.

CPM courses will run on an as-needs basis only. Once an application has been approved by the SSAA Victoria CPM Manager, candidates will be assigned to a course and sent a participant manual. All applicants will need to bring the participant manual to the course. Applicants will also need to bring an appropriate firearm to complete the marksmanship component of the accreditation.

The course runs over one full day (eight hours) with both theoretical and practical components. Throughout the day, each candidate will be assessed and, based on meeting key competences, they will be accredited as a CPM volunteer.

Each CPM volunteer will receive a Procedure Manual and accreditation card after completing the course as proof of their accreditation. The Procedure Manual outlines the expectations of volunteers while engaged in a Parks Victoria-approved program. This accreditation card is to be carried when in the field volunteering as a CPM operator on a SSAA Victoria/Parks Victoria-approved pest control program.


All CPM members’ accreditations will expire on the common date of June 30, 2020. The CPM Accreditation card will have the expiry date clearly displayed.

To be re-accredited for a further three years, volunteers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Confirmation of involvement in CPM projects.
  2. Successful completion of the re-accreditation assignment (Procedure Manual)
  3. Successful completion of the marksmanship assessment (Procedure Manual)

Information about the re-accreditation assignment and marksmanship assessment is available in the Procedure Manual, which each CPM operator received upon re-validation in 2017.